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Our Know-How


M13DESIGN assist and support you in your product design and development and throughout its progress. Our assistance guaranties you a simple, fast and efficient implementation. Our technology choice matches your budget and your market need. Our aim is to advise you with seriousness and vigour.

Our skills :

  • Customer’s technical need analysis  and report
  • Feasibility study
  • Analysis of the technical specification
  • Manufacturing Cost & Lead-time anticipation/estimation
  • Project management


M13DESIGN is specialized in product design where the “Time to Market” is a key parameter. Our job is to design embedded systems with our mastered technology bricks in order to offer our customer optimised design lead-time.

A few mastered technologies:

  • 8/16/32Bits microcontroller (Cortex-M, Cortex-A…)
  • Analog : Amplifiers, filters, sensors…
  • HMI: LCD, Capsense, switches…
  • Connectivity : Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth…
  • Storage : USB, uSDCard…
  • EMI/ESD oriented PCB layout design


With more than 10 years of experience in PCB layout design and a good knowledge in manufacturing constraints, we guaranty you the most efficient PCB layout services. Our knowledge in PCB layout covers most customers’ need starting from the simplest design (single sided PCB) to the more complex ones (High density, multilayer layout). Our PCB layouts are of course designed according the industry recognised IPC standards.

PCB layout knowledge :

  • Documented electronic schematics with integrated PCB constraints (Impedance, EMC…)
  • High-speed layout (DDR memory, 10/100 Gigabit Ethernet, USB…)
  • Standard rigid, flexible and mixed layout specifications
  • RF, impedance controlled layout and PCB stack-up
  • Simple to high density layout (BGA, blind/buried vias)
  • 3D modelling post layout (In step and pdf format)


M13DESIGN also develop and create custom embedded software, firmware according its customers’ needs. We also guarantee the development of functional tests which are necessary during manufacturing. We ensure software maintenance and updates throughout the life of your product.

Mastered languages/Operating systems

  • Languages: ASM, C/C++
  • OS : FreeRTOS, Linux (With our Linux expert partner)


We are able to generate you 3D models of our PCB layout natively from our CAD software. These Models can be generated in various formats which can be later on imported in your casing design software for example. We provide 2 major formats, 3D PDF for quick viewing and STEP format.

Voici nos formats d’échange 3D :

  • STEP : Standardized graphic exchange file format for 3D object. Let’s you intergrate the PCBA in your mechanical design
  • 3D PDF : Allows you to visualize your product without specific tools (Compatible with Acrobat Reader 9 or greater)
  • Others : On request


Our expertise and our experience in electronic board designs guarantees you a controlled manufacturing process in terms of feasibility, costs and deadlines. In fact, thanks to our network of partners (PCB Manufacturers, EMS …), we can advise and/or fully manage your production. Our manufacturing services range from the prototypes/samples to mass productions. We also design and develop test tools (test benches) to guarantee you 100% functionally tested products.


Our production means are as follow :

  • Fast prototypes (Up to 10pcs)
  • Pre-serie batches (50-150pcs)
  • Medium serie batches (Up to a few thousands pieces)
  • Mass production (With monthly planned shipment upon request)